Condumex, a leading multinational company in the Mexican cable manufacturing market, is present in 26 countries around the world, and serves the European market through its Cablena production plant.

Located in Zaragoza, Spain, since its foundation in 1986, Cablena has been entirely dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electrical conductors for various markets, mainly automotive, construction, industrial, and domestic installations, as well as cables for household appliances, mainly white goods.

With more than 35 years of experience in the sector and adhering to the corporate philosophy, we manufacture cables of the highest quality that compete in the most demanding global markets, strictly complying with national and international standards, related to manufacturing and process management, quality, and care for the environment that surrounds us.

One of our main strengths is the development of new technologies through the Carso Research and Development Center (CIDEC for its acronym in Spanish), an institution of technological excellence focused on the creation of new products, the development of materials, and the improvement of manufacturing processes. CIDEC has received several international awards and recognitions.

We are part of Grupo Carso, one of the largest industrial, commercial, and service consortiums in Latin America.

Carso Group

The Group is comprised of four sectors that have been defined as strategic: the commercial sector, the industrial sector, the infrastructure and construction sector, and the energy sector.

Condumex Group

Condumex Group

Grupo Condumex is the Company’s industrial subsidiary under which the manufacturing and marketing of products and services for the construction and infrastructure, energy, automotive, telecommunications, and mining markets are concentrated.

Carso Energy

Caso Energy

Carso Energy is the subsidiary that participates in the activities of the oil industry, in the exploration, location, production, exploitation, refining, transportation, purchase, and sale of all types of hydrocarbons and minerals, in the provision of natural gas transportation services, and in the exploration, production, and exploitation of geothermal energy.